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“Whether we wear glass, contact lenses of neither, having happy comfortable eyes leads to a happier work and play days.”


“Our lifetime emotional landscape begins to take shape during our first year of life. Imprints are created that are used as a map to navigate how we develop emotionally.”


“Sound body leads to sound mind leads to sound body. Round and round we go.”


“5 Ingredients to a Successful Life:  Proper Rest and Relaxation, Proper Diet, Proper Breathing, Proper Exercise, Meditation and Positive Thinking.”


“Like the ripple in a pond so too are the thoughts of our busy mind. Meditation helps the thought waves slow down so that stillness can be found.”


“Social connection improves health, well-being and longevity.”

I didn't actually go in to see them because, unfortunately, my insurance doesn't apply there. But the girls who answer the phones offer some of the nicest customer service I've ever experienced. They're so accommodating and are happy to give any and all information you ask for. I wish I were covered. Lovely people.

Lacey N.

I made many unsuccessful attempts to wear contacts. Dr. Ruelas and Lisa (the contact expert) gave me three different types of contacts to try. Finally, success! It really has been a life changer for me.

Margaret B.

I can not say enough great things about thirdeye chic - it really is the gold standard for a professional and welcoming business. The service is always convenient - on time, quick, and up to date with technology no fuss. The office itself is trendy and chic - and both Dr. Ruelas and Lisa are extremely accommodating in terms of finding appointment times, products, and payment plans that are best for you. I have been a customer for over a year and will not go anywhere else after having been here!

Melissa G.

I have struggled to find a good optometrist who accepts my vision insurance - I am so grateful to have stumbled across Dr. Ruelas. It is readily apparent that someone took great care in how the office/store looks: it's clean, modern, and pleasant to look at. The office staff is friendly and professional too. Dr. Ruelas is a great eye doctor. Her exam was efficient and thorough, and she took great care of me. I am really pleased with the new prescription she gave me. Highly recommended.

Danica Y.

Dr. Rueles is outstanding. She is thorough, thoughtful and has a very comfortable office environment. She treats her patients with kindness, respect and gratitude and goes out of her way to make sure the experience is beyond satisfactory. Definitely recommend!

Kyle D.

I called in with some what of an emergency. Turns out I had dry eyes. I was seen the same day I called which to me had to be some sort of eye doctor miracle the woman I spoke to on the phone was so accommodating! I like the atmosphere Dr. Ruelas and her staff has built its very zen and the staff is super friendly with that being said she is now my permanent eye doctor.

Farah B.

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