Sept 9th Live Workshop: 3 Easy Steps Towards a Stress-Free Life

Here’s a rhetorical question: Are you stressed out? “Overwhelmed” seems to be the perpetual state of being for most professionals, and with that comes stress and exhaustion. And contrary to the popular notion, this predicament is NOT entirely the result of a flood of activities, assignments and appointments. It’s partly “in our heads”, as our brains are perpetually bombarded with more information than they can absorb.

The antidote? Consider meditation! We’re not talking about the pseudo-scientific “magic fix” dispensed by new-agey gurus. We’re referring to a real, tangible approach to staying in the present, clearing space in our brains, and accomplishing more work in less time.

Join our DRIVEN Professionals workshop on September 9th, presented by certified yoga and meditation practitioner Veronica Ruelas, and learn how mediation benefits us mentally, physically, emotionally. She’ll speak about different types of meditation, and teach you the basics of how to meditate. We’ll end the session with a group meditation. You’ll come away seeing time and energy management as a mental “cocktail” to sip slowly throughout your business day, keeping you focused.

Venue: McGladrey
1185 Avenue of the Americas
NYC, NY 10036 United States

Date: September 9

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm


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